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Terms of Use & How Using This Site Impacts Your Privacy:


When you browse this site you will see links to outside vendors' websites with whom we have affiliate partnerships. If you decide you'd like to purchase products from these links we may receive a small commission. 


In order for us to receive a commission as noted above, cookies are utilized on this site. These tell us and our vendor partners whether or not we led you to a product you loved and purchased. If you did not love it we use this information internally as a helpful design critique to rethink future recommendations. We do not sell this information or plan any evil world take over plots based upon it. 


I utilize Google Analytics and collect some basic data for use in my efforts to continue to grow and improve New Collective. This may include from where in the world you're checking out the site, how you found us, how long you hung out and if you added any comments to blogs, among others. To find out what kind of information may be collected while visiting New Collective please check out Google Analytics' Privacy Policy here. I'm deathly afraid of Alexa, our smart phones listening to our conversations, built in computer cameras, etc so I promise my goal is not to spy on you.




One of my goals (aside from helping you design and curate your homes to fit your beautiful personalities) is to raise awareness about slow and healthy design. This may come in the form of blog post insights, interviews with industry leaders, product highlights, etc. The insights I share (as well as all published elements on this site) are my own and are copyright protected. 


Any products recommended, design examples included, or insights shared are not perfect for every home. It is your responsibility to ensure they will work for you before moving forward. In addition, we hope you never have an issue with any of the products recommended and only partner with vendors who have earned trust in the industry, have public reviews posted online, etc. However, we understand that sh*t happens. If there are any issues with the products you purchase the wonderful vendors from whom you purchased will assist you. Please visit their websites for contact information, return policies, etc. Side note, it's always best to check return policies before purchasing.   



To quote the beautiful Maya Angelou:

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

As we all are, I learn and grow every day and am only able to operate with the information available to me at the time. Therefore, if I ever find data that negates insights I've previously shared or change my opinion based upon new information available to me I will provide an update to the relevant post/comment/insight. 


Also, I have chosen to partner with those you'll find on this site because I believe they are contributing to the slow design movement and the sustainable design movement in one way or another. If I find out that these policies or practices have changed or that they are working against the values we hold dear I will no longer feature them. That being said, I am not a part of these organizations and am not monitoring them at all times or responsible for their actions. By featuring certain manufacturers or products I do not guarantee they are perfect. 


My goal is to be a resource and ally, to help my clients live well, achieve their goals for their space, and provide insight on how they can have a lighter impact on the world as they do so. Littering your experience on this website with paid advertisements does not further these goals or benefit my clients in my opinion. For this reason you will not find any paid advertisements on New Collective. 



Hackers are cray. My deathly fear of the invasiveness of our technology leads me to the next FYI... We do not want anything negative to happen to you anywhere, ever, let alone when you're visiting our site or any site to which we connect you! That being said, we are not liable for any damages you suffer whether direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive, arising out of your access to, or use of, the site. I'll reiterate to send one more good vibe to the universe...we do not want anything negative to happen to you anywhere, ever!! 

Phew. That's all the FYI's. Thanks for hanging in there with us and thank you for being a part of this community with us. Now let's get to designing, shall we? 


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