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For Homeowners 


Beginning a new construction project or renovation is exciting but can also be overwhelming and confusing at times. However, with proper planning at the beginning of the project, it is much easier to keep your goals in mind when making decisions in the upcoming design process. 


This pre-design package is meant to help you organize your ideas and intent into one concise document, useful in your upcoming design phase, and in guiding future project decision making. 

This consulting package is a good option for you if your goal is to: 
— Organize your ideas and goals

— Identify your aesthetic direction with inspiration images 

— Create a customized list of spaces and functions you will need in your future home 


Once you begin your project whether it is a small refresh, a renovation, or new construction, you are presented with what can feel like an endless number of possibilities. With so many decisions to make, at times it is difficult to determine if you are headed in the right direction. 


The intent of the design direction package is to review your existing plans or existing space and provide general recommendations to help you stay on track to meet your goals. This may include recommendations for floor plan customizations, custom millwork, and future material and lighting selections. 

This consulting package is a good option for you if your goal is to: 
— Review your current direction 

— Receive recommendations on your floorplan and millwork

— Receive design direction recommendations to aid your future decision making 



Your selections for finishes, paint colors and lighting are an opportunity to make a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. Whether you are in need of a second opinion on products, are looking for local or sustainable recommendations, or are in need of advice for all the major finish and lighting locations in your home, we are excited to provide guidance!   


Through our material and lighting consultation package we work with you to identify your functional and experiential goals for your home. Then, we develop two concept options for your interior materials and light fixtures to choose from.

This consulting package is a good option for you if your goal is to: 
— Review your current direction 

— Develop a framework to assist you in making finish and lighting decisions based on your needs and goals  

— Receive new recommendations for finishes and lighting


No matter the size of your project, it is important to plan how you may organize furniture within your space and what type of furniture you may need in order to meet your goals. Whether you are in need of a second opinion in a few rooms or are looking for furniture plans and recommendations for all areas of your home, we are excited to help you see your vision come to life!   


Through our furniture consultation package we work with you to understand your functional needs for the space, develop a corresponding furniture plan and propose furniture recommendations. 

This consulting package is a good option for you if your goal is to: 
— Review your current direction 

— Develop furniture plans for your home consisting of all new furniture or a blend of existing and new furniture 

— Receive new furniture recommendations in limited rooms or your entire home

For Builders & Developers 

Now more than ever before, homeowners are looking to us as builders, developers and designers to design and deliver healthy, beautiful and efficient spaces for them and their families. New Collective can be a resource for you in this effort in a number of ways. 


We work within your budget and sourcing parameters to develop your standard product, material and lighting package(s) to offer your clients. We specialize in healthy, durable, and efficient options and can provide a range of aesthetic styles with these attributes.  


We review your standard finish and lighting specifications and provide a list of recommendations to assist you in providing healthier, eco friendlier options to your clients.


Working as your consultant or directly with your homeowners, we provide a range of design consultation packages, as listed above in Homeowners section. 


If you are in the beginning stages of developing a property we can assist you in developing a look and feel package, laying out a prospective floor plan and developing a basis of design material and lighting package in order to begin pricing and marketing processes.  

Custom Proposals 

Not seeing what you're hoping to achieve in our standard packages? No problem.

Fill out our custom project form below and we will reach out to schedule a free consultation call to better understand your needs. From there we will put together a custom proposal for you. 

Your Project 
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