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Welcome to the New Collective Community!!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Hey there and welcome to the New Collective community and blog! I am so incredibly excited to grow this community with you all around beautiful, healthy and sustainable living. Like so many of you, I believe that our homes should be refuges at the end of a long day; beautiful places in which we feel safe, inspired and happy. Also like so many of you, I believe in slow design, quality over quantity, and putting the health and welfare of people and the planet above all else. Too often we are led to believe that these beliefs are in conflict but I promise you it does not need to be this way!

We will dive more deeply into this topic and many more here in the New Collective blog. We welcome your thoughts and questions because it is through conversation, education and community that you and I can start a movement together... demanding more so we can all live well.

Thank you for being a part of this New Collective!

#slowdesign #newcollective #interiordesign #healthyliving #sustainability


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