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You are a fun and upbeat person with loads of hobbies, interests, and decor styles. Likely the host with the most, you want your home to be multifaceted and full of life just like you are! Eclectic design style is a way to incorporate your favorite eras, materials, patterns and textures, but balance is key.

Style Tip: Start with a color palette dominated by neutrals but featuring one or two feature accent colors. When searching for art, pillows and rugs, feel free to mix and match a few select eras, patterns and/or textures you like but always tie them back to your color palette. This will create balance and interest rather than chaos in your home!


  • Medley Home just gets it! They offer healthy and sustainable materials from FSC certified domestic woods, zero VOC glues, certified foam and latex cushions, harsh chemical free upholstery, the list goes on and on. Their beautiful products are designed and crafted in Los Angeles and they have designers in house to help you customize their products for free.

  • ABC Home curates thoughtfully crafted products with a focus on sustainable living with everything from plates to furniture to baby gear in their lineup. They are transparent about their products' materials, and feature many designs local to the NY area.  

  • Novica products are handmade and fair trade. Each order directly supports artisans and their handcrafting traditions around the world, each product page provides a glimpse into that particular artisan’s life. They have a wonderful mission and have been walking the talk for over 20 years.

  • Ten Thousand Villages is one of my very favorite fair trade marketplaces! They offer a wide range of beautiful and affordable fair trade products from jewelry to furniture to children's toys. Excellent for your own home or for gifts (My nephew loves his all natural teething rings!)

  • West Elm was founded in Brooklyn and since 2013 has been placing an increasing emphasis on locally made, sustainably sourced and fair trade products in their product offering. We love their FSC certified, fair trade certified and locally made goods like the beauties featured here in New Collective room designs.

  • Made Trade’s thoughtful team curates beautifully designed products from a range of large and small manufacturers all geared at living consciously, sustainably and beautifully. I can get behind that!

*When you browse this website you will see links to outside companies with whom we have affiliate partnerships. If you decide you'd like to purchase products from these links we may receive a commission. Find out more info here

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